Our Process

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We make a commitment to you to manage and take care of your timberland according to your specific objectives. Our first step will be to provide you with a written forest management plan at no expense to you. Your forest management plan is prepared after we have carefully inspected and appraised your timberland. During our timber cruise, we will locate and flag your property’s boundary lines. The specially prepared forest management plan provided to you will include

  1. An appraisal of estimated timber value and volume
  2. A topographic map showing location of your property
  3. A Plat map showing timberland characteristics
  4. Recommended reforestation needs
  5. Disease and insect situation
  6. Recommended timber stand improvement needs
  7. Timber income potential
  8. Evaluation of wildlife habitat and recreational use of land
  9. Miscellaneous pertinent information
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In addition, as part of regular timberland management services, we will also provide at no expense to you:

  1. Assistance in obtaining any available government funding
  2. Assisting with tax and estate considerations regarding your timberland
  3. Timber marking and timber sales assistance
  4. Suggest contractors for any action recommended in the management plan with follow-up inspection

Bayou State Timber Services, Inc.